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SIR INDUSTRIALE S.p.A. is an Italian family-owned company that left its mark in the chemical industry for more than 60 years. The wide range of products, the flexibility and the customer-oriented philosophy make us a perfect partner for every customer. In addition, we create optimum value for all customers, shareholders, employees and the community by applying a safe, ethical and environmental practices. Our aim is to find the best solution for the customers through cooperation and passion for continuous improvement.

Being part of P&R Holding, we belong to one of the biggest chemical & pharmaceutical groups of the Italian industry, making us a strong partner driven by innovation and investments. The worldwide turnover of the private owned-group, active in APIs and pharmaceutical industry, is roughly 900 million euro.

SIR INDUSTRIALE was founded in 1956 in Macherio, a small town north-east of Milan, as S.I.R (Società Italiana Resine) in the facilities of former-Bakelite Italia by Italian business-man Angelo Rovelli. The company immediately emerged as one of the Italian leading chemical manufactures. Its early years were characterized by competition with another giant of Italian chemical industry, government-owned Montedison group which, in late ‘80s (1988) acquired S.I.R. that was integrated in the group. After the early ‘90s political changes in Italian government. Montedison Group suffered a financial crisis that led to the acquisition of S.I.R. by P & R Holding (Pizzocaro & Rossi families) in 1996. In 1998 SIR Industriale acquired Sprea Chemicals (a manufacturer of epoxy resins), based in Castelseprio incrementing the production capacity and acquiring the know-how of Taffy process for synthesis of epoxies.

The following years were characterized by focusing on strengthening the company presence in the market, in fact in 2013 SIR went global by reaching an important and symbolic goal exporting more than 60% of its production worldwide.




Here represented a graph and a video of our history and where SIR’s DNA comes from.









Resins are our passion. We are one of the pioneer of the Italian resin industry, proud of our own technology and knowledge acquired through the years. Our product portfolio expands continuously to face the future changes of the challenging market. Thanks to our customer-oriented mentality we can customize all our products according to your needs.

Our main products are different types of resins: EPOSIR®/EPONAC® (epoxy resins), SIRALES® (saturated polyester resins for powder coatings), SIRESTER® (unsaturated polyester resins and vinylesters), PROSID® (hardeners for powder coatings), SIRION® (additives, hardeners and specialties), SIPRESS® /SIRTAN® (styrene-maleic anhydride waterborne copolymers).


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  Francesco Pizzocaro is the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 in the Health & Pharma category Francesco Pizzocaro, the President and Founder of the P&R Group, is the recipient of a prestigious award which [...]

SIR INDUSTRIALE has completed the installation of a brand new pilot reactor (3,0 m³) in Castelseprio plant SIR INDUSTRIALE proudly announces the installation of a brand-new pilot plant in Castelseprio production site, this reactor [...]

 LLOYDS'S REGISTER APPROVAL We are proud to announce that Lloyd's Register has released the renewal of the certificates for our marine grade resins: SIRESTER FSN 0850 AT-series ISN 0841 AT-series VE 45 M 90-series [...]

SIR INDUSTRIALE launches a new epoxy novolac vynilester resin SIR INDUSTRIALE announces the introduction of a new product in its range: SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140. SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140 is an epoxy novolac vinyl [...]

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SIR INDUSTRIALE is focused in developing a worldwide market and therefore is looking for the right person that can help us in our mission. People development is an important resource to achieve this goal. If you have the SIR factor please send your CV on this page.




    Headquarter (Macherio)
    Via Bellini 35
    20846 Macherio (MB)
    Phone: +39 039 2072 1
    Mail: sir@sirindustriale.com

    Plant (Castelseprio)
    Via Molino Zacchetto 404
    21050 Castelseprio (VA)
    Phone: +39 033 18 63 608
    Mail: sir@sirindustriale.com