SIR INDUSTRIALE launches a new epoxy novolac vynilester resin

SIR INDUSTRIALE announces the introduction of a new product in its range: SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140.

SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140 is an epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin diluted in styrene, with high reactivity and medium viscosity.

It can be used in some of the most extreme and hostile environments, thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of substances (like strong acids, strong basis and organic solvents).SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140 offers superior mechanical properties and it is well suited to several industrial applications.

For more information about our SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140 go to the related Technical Data Sheet.(TDS SIRESTER® VE 64-M-140)